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I'm prolific like Picasso, broke like Van Gogh, romantic like Neruda, wounded like Kahlo and Bukowski.  Art is how I cope with my reality.  I've survived the insufferable, and the trauma that lingers needs a release.


I capture the things that elevate my spirit with my photography, and I use my camera to make visual statements about unity in diversity, acceptance, and female empowerment.


When I paint, I allow my subconscious to tell my hand what to do.  It's visceral and liberating.  It's a way for me to speak the unspoken through color and lines.

My poetry is formulated from the emotions I manage to put a voice to.  It informs others that they are not alone in their grief, solitude, heartbreak, and melancholy.  And sometimes, it's just funny!  Cuz yeah, I've always known how to smile through the tears.

I love to experiment with art. Learning new skills, and exploring various mediums is frequently appealing to me. I can't do it all at the same time thought! Currently, I am focused on making jewelry with Sterling Silver, including doing some of the stone cutting myself. Follow me on Instagram @nakedrebeljewelry to see my works in progress.

I have 3 college degrees, earned all while living with cancer, and in the aftermath of a bone marrow transplant.  I studied Psychology, Business Administration, and Fine Arts w/emphasis on Photography. For the past 8 years I have been taking metalsmith classes. There is always something new to learn!


I'm a Giver.  I support various wildlife organizations and animal rescues. This is Tinkerbell, and she's my sweetheart rescue kitty.  If a turn of events was bestowed upon me, where I no longer lived in poverty and had the means to be a philanthropist, I would do whatever I could to help save endangered species and wildlife habitats. The destruction of nature, the poaching of wildlife, and the abuse and neglect of all animals pains me beyond measure. 

In these uncertain and challenging times, we must look for the positive among the negative.  We must see the subtle beauty that is all around us.  We must give freely, smile often, and salute nature for the food and peace it affords us to sustain life.

If you see something here you'd like to own, or have a commission request - contact me!  I'm open to gallery and exhibit suggestions, and working with an art dealer.

Thank U for visiting me!  Now, go share some LOVE!


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