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There's a new Pita Jungle in town!

And my art is gracing their chic walls!

Pita Junge - Red Mountain. The new location is at 5609 E McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215. They have a large patio, and are doing a great job inside and out with adequate spacing for social distancing. I went there yesterday to get their happy hour eats!

I took a break from showing at the Pita Jungle restaurants, and I haven't done any painting in 2020 except for completing two pieces that I have at this new location now. The newest is called "Here we Go...Down the Hole" and it's hanging next to the restrooms. Next to a little two seat table at the entrance is "Mondrian goes to Jamaica." I've shown it once prior, but I refined it earlier this year. "Conversation with a Copper Miner" I've shown once prior, it is by their entryway where the cool vintage couch is. It feels at home there.

There are others that have made their rounds, and I have them all marked down considerably, because I know this year has been rough on so many of us, and art isn't what most people spend their money on. "What supports the like anyway?" (Analyzing Aztec history), was a very cerebral piece I did, not one of my favorites, but it's one that a lot of people have commented on that they like. I have it now at just $75! My favorite on display is "Conversation with a doctor who won't listen." It's the closest you can get to my soul. I feel like it's priceless, but I have it at $200. Hopefully whoever that one ends up with will appreciate the magnitude of my suffering, and most importantly, how I can create something positive out of the negative. Art is therapy after all.

Most of these paintings are already wired to be hung vertically or horizontally. You've got options!

I think I'm ready to start painting again. I've been so busy with my jewelry biz, I haven't paused to paint, and my state of mind hasn't been quite right for it. Who knows what will happen next? Do I continue the Conversation Pieces series? Or, will I go in another direction? We will see!

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