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Quarantine bangs

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hello peoples :) I don't know if anyone ever looks at my website, but I've been MIA for a while. It's not that I haven't been creating, but that life got real hard for a while. Still is. I'm contemplating if I want to start sharing my deepest of thoughts here, are you interested? It seems like most people I know don't seem to care enough to hear about life from my perspective. Both the difficult things I've encountered and survived, or the things that give me great joy. But maybe YOU do?

Until then, on a lighter note, I was able to start growing my bangs out (finally!) during quarantine! I've been working on turquoise and sterling silver jewelry, and my painting has been put on hold for now. Because I need to make that cash money y'all, and I currently don't have a venue to showcase my art. I've had a lot of outrageous expenses this year. Por que? Pourquoi? Why? I dunno, cuz when shit happens it's like the universe is in a tailspin, and all sorts of other shit seems to go wrong! You feel me?

I'll be back. I'll share some stuff with you. And maybe I'll open up about my philosophies on life and the human condition. Find me on IG - ArtistCG. Send me a message, let me know you've been here, and tell me how you're doing during these troubled times.

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