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Pitas & Politics

It just happened to be that the titles of this year's paintings, which are part of my larger exhibit at Pita Jungle on Southern Ave in Mesa, AZ, have titles with some political references. Or, relating to a current event at the time of their creation. The subject matter is more like my ongoing study, compassion, and concern for our human condition. We'll just call it political art for the sake of brevity. I have had a lot on my mind, and it comes out subconsciously in my art. When I step back and view the completed paintings, is when the titles pop into my head. One of the titles came from a friend: "What gerrymandering looks like". He said that in reference to one of my process photos of the diptych I painted in 2021, so I rolled with it. It's fitting. They are all part of my ongoing series of Conversation Pieces that I began in 2015 when I moved to Arizona. Most of what is currently hanging at Pita Jungle were painted in 2022, and 2023, with a couple prior pieces included.

I'm so very empathetic to human suffering, and all of the chaos we are experiencing pains me. Some of this collection feels busy and chaotic to me. A few are more subdued. I think that's evident of my life. Too much trauma, brief moments of joy, and a perpetual quest for peace. Go see them. Buy some original art at a very affordable price. Don't wait until I'm dead to comprehend their value - or mine.


Peace be with you.

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