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Delayed action

I'm not only delayed in sharing where my paintings are currently showing, but the two you see pictured here were created over 15 years ago as part of a series called Size Matters (Big Wood, Little Wood, and Long Wood), and I've only recently exhibited them. They are 40" x 40", acrylic on wood. Most of that series were sold a long time ago. There were over 240 lil woods, and only 1 remains that hangs in my bathroom. I still have a triptych (3some) of the Big Woods, and a few of the series within a series (3 Passions) that were part of the Big Woods, but not abstract at all. 3 Passions were painted poetry on wood, with black & white photography. I'm selling these for so cheap. Damn, to own an original painting as cheap as I've been selling them for lately, seriously, it's an investment. Most people don't even know I'm alive. But I have a feeling they are certainly going to know of me when I'm gone. Meanwhile, go check out these couple older pieces, and my most recent diptych at the Pita Jungle at Dana Park shopping plaza, 1652 S Val Vista Dr Suite 128, Mesa, AZ 85204. I have my large scale pear paintings there too. I could use the dough to keep creating, and to eat better. Cuz, yeah, semi-starving artist.

I'll meet up with you for a bite and to have a conversation about art if you like. The other paintings that are there are part of my Conversation Pieces series, and you could perhaps inspire a new one!

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