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Day late Dollar short

I missed adding a blog post of the last PJ I showed at. That was a nice experience at the Chandler Heights location, the manager Dave was so nice, and he even bought one of my paintings! A kind woman bought two of my paintings. It's a wonderful thing when people purchase original art and support local artists!

I currently have paintings at the Pita Jungle in Queen Creek. I price my art simply to cover the cost of materials. It allows me to keep creating, and makes it affordable for people to own a one of kind piece of original art. I do need to find a gallery at some point, because earning a real income from my various arts could provide a healthier existence for me. If anyone is reading this, say Hi! Let's have a conversation about life and art!

Dave is the awesome manager at the Chandler Heights Pita Jungle
Dave with his new painting "Conversation with the Arizona Sun"

"Naked Golf" and "There is no Eye in Abstract"
Two paintings went home with this lovely woman (on right)

This painting is now hanging at the Queen Creek location.
"The cat left the party"

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