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She's Back!

I have paintings up at the very cool ASU location Pita Jungle in Tempe, Arizona on Mill Ave & University. They have fun graffiti walls, and yellow mood lighting. I have 7 paintings there, 1 is hidden in the back, so go peek back there! It's my tribute to HURTS DONUTs. I know, I know, it should be hanging at HURTS DONUT, but some student might think it's rad and wanna buy it. Prolly not, but so what.

All the paintings are 1/2 off or less while at Pita Jungle. They do not take a commission, so I can offer them for cheap. How do you describe cheap you ask? Recouping my cost of materials, while getting very little for my time. That's cheap! Holla! No, don't really holler, just get in touch with me if interested. Thanks boo thangs!

An in depth discussion with the Arizona Sun

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