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Seeking a Gallery & Boutiques

Currently taking a break from the Pita Jungle rotating exhibits. This desert valley summer heat makes us hibernate a bit, like the snow does in Michigan. Oh, I'm still getting out, just not transporting art around.

I'd like to find a gallery (or two?), and/or an Interior Designer to work with. If you know of any galleries where my abstract expressionist paintings would be good fit, contact me! As far as designers go, I can be commissioned to paint in any color palette to compliment the interiors you work on. I'd love to paint large scale, and could paint on location to avoid the transportation struggle of extra large pieces.

I'm continuing my studies in jewelry design. It's such a meditative process to work with metals and stones. I became quite prolific designing enamel pendants through the winter and spring here. I only have a few currently listed in my Etsy shop - Naked Rebel - though I've grown enough of a collection that I'm on the lookout for boutiques to sell some of my creations. The enamel pendants, and current metal pieces, definitely were inspired by my life here Arizona. Desert Vibes going strong! With colors the shades of the rocks and vegetation, crescent moons, and Saguaro cactus. You can see some of the enamel pendants that are waiting to grow up and become necklaces :) on my Jewelry page.

Talk to me! Get in Touch! Let's network!


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