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My art at Pita Jungle in Gilbert, Arizona

I have my new large scale pear paintings (scars and all) titled "Oh Woman, you are beautiful (just as you are)" at the Pita Jungle in Gilbert, Arizona. Along with this triptych of pears is a new one that I'm not fond of titled "Mondrian goes to Jamaica", "That's Hot" (fiery color and actual campfire charcoal), "Conversation with a color blind man" (a Rothko color field type painting with coffee grounds), and "He said he liked that color blue" (with a praying mantis).

The Jamaican Mondrian type thang I spent the entire day working on prior to taking my art to PJ, plus prior days building it up. I believe I fucked it up by not stopping sooner, or by not getting it right earlier on before mucking it up. I think I was trying to paint bright colors, when my mood was more melancholy. I saw the movie A Star is Born just the day before, and I couldn't get them out of my mind. I was feeling some kind of way. Feeling like they had to have fallen for each other. Feeling like she might feel disenchanted by love. Feeling like being a super model is over rated. Feelings...of the Way We Were. Feelings about my ex-hubby. Feelings about people being with people who they aren't compatible with, but they stay anyway. People being to afraid to follow their hearts. I don't even know. Just a basket load of feelings.

I felt like writing a poem after that movie. I haven't written much since I moved to AZ three years ago. I've been making jewelry, learning new skills, and experimenting with both my jewelry and paintings. But, sometimes the experimenting doesn't always land with a quality, completed artwork. I think this was one of those times. Another I started at the same time as "Mondrian goes to Jamaica" is very experimental, and will be titled "A Conversation about Experimental Art". It's a disaster! It was, or still is a bit Basquiat-esque, but in a bad way. I can't even attempt to finish it yet, cause my brain will need to be thinking in a different type of way to correct the chaos. You feel me?

The Jamaica colors that hang near a large mirror at Pita Jungle scream boldly at people as they enter. It looks out of place. It looks like it wants to stand up and start playing music. But alas, it's just a painting that is too small for the energy within it. It should have been larger. It began with a Rasta vibe, but Mondrian entered the room, and WTF is that?! It's almost like two rival gangs going at it. I don't know what it's trying to say! But you know what? People often seem to like the paintings I don't care for. I think it's because they see something familiar in it, something they can connect to. So, I hung this mo fo anyway, and already marked the price down on it, even though it's fresh off the hot mess press! lol Somebody is gonna like that thing. Some are already liking it on Instagram. Go 'head with ur One Love selves! Hearts, Likes, or whatevs I appreciate you!

The pears are metaphors for women. Age. Shapes. Scars. I want women to feel beautiful in the skin they are in. This includes myself! We are all challenged by varying sorts of insecurities. We need reminders sometime that beauty can be seen in the faintest or deepest of scars. I was reminded when I had these real pairs in my possession, and I gazed at them with adoration for their beauty...freckled, misshapen, and scarred. Imagining them as women, young and old, and how each hold their own unique beauty.

Go look, see, FEEL the energy! And then let's have a Conversation about Art and Life.

Pita Jungle in Gilbert, Arizona is located at:

1431 E Williams Field Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85295

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