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18 artworks at Pita Jungle in Mesa on Southern

Bar lounge area at Pita Jungle in Mesa on Southern Ave

My series of paintings called Conversation Pieces began when I moved to Arizona in 2015. They started out a bit busy, with words, anatomical hearts, paint, Sharpies, coffee and all my thoughts moving wildly about the canvases. They have wrenches that carried over from the Basquiat-esque style I was painting in before I moved. Then I threw out the wrenches, gave the hearts a rest, and went full on abstract expressionism. These creations evolved out of conversations I've had with interesting people, or experiences I had that led to some intriguing thoughts. I started using pastels and charcoal on some, played with modeling paste, and got gritty with sand and black lava too. I have mad appreciation for minimalism - when it's done right! Rothko is the only artist I'm familiar with who could evoke that spiritual sense of calm with his simple color field paintings. I've managed to crank out a few modestly minimal pieces inspired by stones from Nice, France. These are titled Stoned 1, 2, and 3. How apropos! lol Then Rough Draft 1 & 2. And Blush. I've yet to capture a good image of Blush, the colors seem to be thrown off easily by the light, or camera, or forces that may be. It's my most minimalist piece to date. A young, sweet girl working at Pita Jungle while I was there hanging my art liked it. She said "It looks like it should be hanging in someone's living room." Any hey...that is validation enough for me to keep on painting! Blush did not end up on the walls there, but 18 pieces are! From the early pieces with the dripping hearts, to the Rough Drafts. Those early pieces I've marked down the price by 1/2 or more. I've had a rough couple of months, and I need to recoup some expenses.

So, go Look! See! And meet me for Happy Hour conversations! Say When!

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