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Solo on Independence Day

I'm home alone for the holiday. Just a day in the life of Colette! I purchased a 22' Gorilla ladder, and I've got more of my art mid-way up my tall walls. I need a spotter to get art up to the highest spots. I feel like painting (maybe I will). I have jewelry waiting to be made. So much to do, but so little energy today. Doing a lot of introspection. Dreaming of road trips, glamping, a companion to share new experiences with. Wishing to work less at my conventional job (hopefully someday soon not at all), and having more energy to work on all of my arts. Life is breezing by, and I have she-it I want to do! Thinking about getting a GYPSY tattoo - Just the word. Words to the Universe to manifest my dreams. Why not! < not a question! haha

Say....Have you seen this video? A cover by Mariah Carey of a Def Leppard song. I dig it.

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