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Ready for a New Series?

I've been working on a series of paintings called Conversation Pieces since late 2015. Each series seems to morph out of a previous series. I first had a series of paintings called Size Matters that began in 2003. This series was all on wood, with Big Woods (Series 40), Lil Woods, Long Woods, and a couple Average woods. It began as mostly abstract, acrylic paintings, with the Lil Woods evolving into some fun, collage type mixed media artworks. I believe I made 242 total of these Lil Woods! The Big Wood had a series within a series called 3 Passions, that consisted of black and white photography, and poetry painted on the wood.

Artworks that followed were often mixed media. Anatomical hearts and wrenches made an appearance. These with the hearts and wrenches, though colorful, had melancholy themes and titles relating to my experiences. And with these, my Conversation Series was born. Then, the recognizable symbols fell off, and they strictly became completely abstract expressionist pieces. All birthed out of my emotions, with titles pertaining to their roots.

Now, I've created this painting, and I'm contemplating if it will be the start of a new series. It originally was going to be titled "Conversation with a miner", as it is all copper tones, and relates to a couple pleasant experiences I've had chatting it up with miners in Jerome, and Quartzsite, Arizona. I feel as though I want this to be the start a new series, however, and call it Stoned. It will be colors that reference specific gemstones, crystals, minerals or metals.

and yes...I do...get silly with double entendres ;)

Copper Cow

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