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Which way did they go?

I was photographing my latest completed painting on the Arizona Grand Golf Course this evening, because I love the twilight around here just before sunset. Sure, it makes for better lighting - maybe. I just love how good it feels out there. Then I love to come inside and watch the sunset behind South Mountain from my balcony. I finally escaped old man winter! Woo Hoo! I count my blessings at this time of the day. I stumbled over there while the street was void of too many cars, and the golfers (I thought) had completed their games. It was quiet, but then the golfers started scattering in various directions. A group of them had on matching hot pink, white, and black diamond checked golf pants. I would have loved to have them hold my grayscale painting for a fun shot, but they didn't seem as fun as their outfits were. *Sigh One, non-checkered golfer, was kind enough to acknowledge me with words, rather than a strange scowl. LOL He asked, "What are you doing out here?" Oh, just going to photograph some art. "Is that yours?" he asked. Yeah. "That's great! There needs to be more art in this world!" I know right?! Thanks Mister.

The golfers going one way, and then the other, was symbolic. One of my neighbors was sitting out on his patio, and he asked me, "You can hang it in any direction huh?" Yup. That's the direction I took with this series of abstract paintings, rather coincidentally, that they can be hung vertical or horizontal, with whatever side up or down that the potential owner chooses.

They (my paintings) also seem to be channeling dead artists. I don't mean literally, but who the heck knows anyway. Life is such a great mystery. I'm having a difficult go at two in progress that seriously wanted to have a Rothko vibe. But this Franz Kline Kanji like calligraphy gesture-ish action painting in black, white and gray felt natural to me. Heck, I wasn't trying to imitate him at all. I had done some freehand mini ink artworks, and several fellas made reference to them looking very Franz Kline, and that they liked them a lot. Ok, cool. I just have to break from small scale to large scale sometimes. I have to break from vivid colors, to Black & White sometimes. There is comfort in the familiar, and yet, there is an excitement for me involving change. That's where the textures come in too. Flat doesn't always work for my mood. And though I have mad appreciation for Minimalism, my mind is often too cluttered to allow for it.

This silly thing even looks like an arrow, trying to guide the mice on this winding course which way to go.

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